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2019 Tunisian Section Meeting (Monastir, Tunisia), 2019, Monastir, Tunisia

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A Comparative Evaluation of Apical Sealing Ability of Three Root Canal Sealers: An in Vitro Study. Final Pr. ID: -
A kAP survey about the prescription of dentures adhesives by Tunisian dentists. Final Pr. ID: -
Aetiological Factors for molar incisor hypomineralization – A systematic review. Final Pr. ID: -
Amelogenesis Imperfecta and tooth impaction: a retrospective study Final Pr. ID: -
An experimental evaluation of the radiation doses in intraoral radiography Final Pr. ID: -
An in vitro comparison of the Sealing ability of high-viscosity Bulk-fill resin composites with the incremental placement technique Final Pr. ID: -
Antibioprophylaxis and antibiotherapy protocols associated to the surgical management of medication related osteonecrosis of the jaws: a systematic review of the literature Final Pr. ID: -
Assessment of oral health status of elderly population living in retirement homes in Tunisia Final Pr. ID: -
Assessment of the pain perception threshold in patients with temporomandibular desorders Final Pr. ID: -
Black stain and dental caries in preschoolchildren in Monastir, Tunisia. Final Pr. ID: -
Comparaison between the outcomes of PRP, PRF and blood clot in regenerative treatment of necrotic immature permanent tooth. A systematic Review of literature. Final Pr. ID: -
Dens Invaginatus : Case Series’ Clinical and Therapeutic Features Final Pr. ID: -
Dental implant placement in diabetic patients: a systematic review of the literature Final Pr. ID: -
Dental trauma related to orotracheal intubation: knowledge assessment survey Final Pr. ID: -
Determination of the free-way space and closest-speaking space: a cross-sectional study Final Pr. ID: -
Dimensional Variation Of The Thermo-polymerized Resin In Complete Denture Final Pr. ID: -
Double and triple images in panoramic radiograph: experimental study Final Pr. ID: -
Early childhood caries: epidemiological survey among preschool children in the region of Monastir Final Pr. ID: -
Early dental decay of first permanent molars, epidemiological study among school children Final Pr. ID: -
Emergencies in peadiatric odontology : an epidemiological study Final Pr. ID: -
Found 46 abstracts.
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