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A Comparative Evaluation of Apical Sealing Ability of Three Root Canal Sealers: An in Vitro Study.

Objectives: The aim of this study was to compare, in vitro, the apical sealing ability of three endodontic sealers (Bioroot RCS®, TotalFill®, and AH Plus Jet®) using cold lateral condensation technique.
Methods: It was an in vitro study involving a sample of 48 monoradicular teeth, divided into three groups (n=16). The teeth in Groups I, II, and III were sealed using the following sealants: Bioroot RCS®, TotalFill® and AH Plus Jet®, using cold lateral condensation technique. The sealing ability was evaluated by measuring the dye rising along the canal’s walls.
Results: For the study of the apical sealing ability of the three endodontic sealers, the post hoc analysis of paired comparisons showed a statistically significant difference between the groups whose canals were obturated with bioceramic cements (Bioroot RCS® and TotalFill®) and the AH Plus Jet® group (GI /GIII: p = 0.009; GII /G III: p = 0.015). There is no statistically significant difference between Bioroot RCS® and TotalFill® cements (GI/GII: p = 0.861).
Conclusions: The apical sealing ability is better for bioceramic cements than AH Plus Jet ®. It is the same for Bioroot RCS® and TotalFill® cements.
Tunisian Section Meeting
2019 Tunisian Section Meeting (Monastir, Tunisia)
Monastir, Tunisia

  • Ouni, Marouen  ( Sahloul university hospital of Sousse , Monastir , Monastir , Tunisia )
  • Oueslati, Afef  ( Charles Nicolle university hospital , Tunis , Tunisia )
  • Sahtout, Souad  ( faculty of dental medecine , Sousse , Sousse , Tunisia )
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    ABCDF laboratory / Dental Faculty of Monastir - University of Monastir -Tunisia
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