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Dimensional Variation Of The Thermo-polymerized Resin In Complete Denture

Objectives: The purpose of this study is to highlight the variations that thermo-polymerizable acrylic resins can undergo
Methods: We proceed to measure through a thick compass areas called critical both at the level of the maxillary occlusion base than the mandibular: Maxillary; Potsdam Para-tuberosity pockets; anterior region (at 1cm on both sides of the medial sagittal plane) and the mandible; LAW ; sublingual roll; anterior region (at 1cm from the medial sagittal plane). The bases that have been used for these measurements can be: - bases with thermo-polymerisable resin
- bases with photopolymerizable resins
Results: The results suggest that heat treatment of PMMA has an effect on dimensional variation.
Conclusions: This study was conducted on prosthetic bases with variations in the surface and shapes of residual ridges.
These factors as well as other physical factors (cooking time, temperature ...) can affect the amount of polymerization shrinkage that may be one of the causes of inaccuracy.
The study must be conducted on a larger sample to conclude the accuracy of the results
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Dental Materials 2:Polymer-based Materials
  • Jemli, Safa  ( Fmdm , Monastir , Monastir , Tunisia )
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