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Comparaison between the outcomes of PRP, PRF and blood clot in regenerative treatment of necrotic immature permanent tooth. A systematic Review of literature.

Objectives: This systematic review aims to compare the effectiveness of PRP, PRF and blood clot in the treatment of immature necrotic teeth. Pulp regeneration in endodontic therapy has emerged as a promising solution to restore the pulp/dentin complex in immature necrotic teeth.
Methods: A research was performed on PubMed, Scopus, Ebsco, Science direct and Cochrane CENTRAL. Randomized controlled trials were included, in which Pulp regeneration and radicular development were compared for PRP, PRF and Blood Clot groups.
Risk of bias was assessed for each selected articles using the Jadade Modified Scale and the The New Castle Ottawa NOS risk of bias assessment tool.
Results: Six randomized controlled studies and one Cohort study were included.
The risk of bias for the RCT design have been evaluated using the Jadade Scale. Three studies have been awarded a high risk of bias and three articles received a low risk of bias. The Cohort controlled study design have been evaluated using the NOS scale. It have been found of moderate risk of bias.
Follow-up ranged between 12 and 49 months. Three articles compared the revascularization using PRP with the blood clot technique. One studied Only PRF with control groupe using the blood clot technique. Three studies compared three different interventions; PRP, PRF and BC.
Periapical healing, Root elongation, Root canal walls thickening was found to be better in in the PRF for one study and in the PRP group for another.
Complete apical closure was better for PRP group in one study.
No significant difference was found for Pretreatment signs regression and vitality testing.
Conclusions: More research is needed to assess the potential effectiveness of PRP and PRF in enhancing the results of regenerative endodontic therapies of necrotic immature teeth. Very little evidence is available for this subject. The studies included in this review, show promising results.
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2019 Tunisian Section Meeting (Monastir, Tunisia)
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  • Chatti, Marwa  ( Dental Faculty of Monastir , Monastir , Tunisia )
  • Hajri, Habib  ( Dental Faculty of Monastir , Monastir , Monastir , Tunisia )
  • El Elmi, Yamina  ( Dental faculty of monastir , Monastir , Tunisia )
  • Chouchene, Farah  ( faculty of Dental medicine , Mahdia , Tunisia )
  • Masmoudi, Fatma  ( Dental Faculty of Monastir , Monastir , Tunisia )
  • Ghedira, Hichem  ( Dental Faculty of Monastir , Monastir , Tunisia )
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