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Oral Communication

2017 Tunisian Section Meeting (Monastir, Tunisia), 2017, Monastir, Tunisia

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A comparative study between three-dimensional scanning and conventional imaging techniques Final Pr. ID: -
Are Dental Treatments A Risk Factor For Hepatitis C Virus Infection ?: A Systematic Review of The Literature. Final Pr. ID: -
Assessment of Knowledges of Plagiarism among Tunisian University Hospital Doctors Final Pr. ID: -
Black-line-stain and dental decay among children: a prospective study. Final Pr. ID: -
Bleaching efficacy of a non abrasive whitening toothpaste Final Pr. ID: -
Brown tumors of the jaws ; is surgical treatement always necessary ? Final Pr. ID: -
Clinical, biological and therapeutic features of a patient with Acro Dermato Ungual Lacrimal Tooth syndrome Final Pr. ID: -
Comparison of the sealing ability of Biodentine TM/dentin and Riva LC/dentin in posterior classII restorations: An in vitro study. Final Pr. ID: -
Effects of direct phosphate exposure on the oral health Final Pr. ID: -
Effects of tobacco use on salivary parameters Final Pr. ID: -
Evaluation of Third-Year Dental Students’ Attitudes towards Microbiology Teaching. Final Pr. ID: -
Gorlin cyst and odontogenic keratocyst: reclassification from cyst to tumor Final Pr. ID: -
Influence of the medium pH on the water behavior of microhybrid composite resins Final Pr. ID: -
Interactions between prosthetic materials and Candida albicans: a systematic review of the literature Final Pr. ID: -
Key factors in pulp revascularization of necrotic immature permanent teeth: A systematic review. Final Pr. ID: -
Mandibular expansion : which appliance to choose? Final Pr. ID: -
Minor salivary gland biopsy: A reliable test for the diagnosis of systemic amyloidosis Final Pr. ID: -
Natural variation in arch shape throughout growth: a 3 years case series study. Final Pr. ID: -
Occupational Exposures in Dental Schools and Hepatitis C Virus: A Systematic Review of the Literature Final Pr. ID: -
Oral health in Patients with High Risk Cardiac Diseases: a Case-Control Study Final Pr. ID: -
Found 29 abstracts.
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