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2017 African and Middle Eastern Region Meeting (Addis Ababa, Ethiopia)

2017 African and Middle Eastern Region Meeting (Addis Ababa, Ethiopia), 2017, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

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Antibiotic prescribing practices at a dental school in South Africa. Final Pr. ID: -
Assessment of Oral-hygiene-status, gingival-health and tooth-brushing-skills among standard-II pupils, Tanzania Final Pr. ID: -
Baby Teeth Eruption: Indigenous Beliefs and Management Practices In parts of South Africa. Final Pr. ID: -
Covariates of health professional students’ perceived status as a role model for patients and public; the issue of Toombak cessation. Final Pr. ID: -
Dental caries experience in South African adults: findings from the Bellville South Study Final Pr. ID: -
Effect Of Aging On The Repair Bond Strength Of Composite Final Pr. ID: -
Evaluation of Dental Development in a Sample of HIV-Infected Children in South Africa Final Pr. ID: -
HIV Related Stigma in Public Dental Hospitals in Khartoum State, 2016 Final Pr. ID: -
Impacted Teeth Diagnosis and Treatment Final Pr. ID: -
Odontogenic Tumours: A 10 year retrospective study in a South African teaching hospital Final Pr. ID: -
Oral Health Related Quality Of Life In Chronic Periodontitis Patients. Final Pr. ID: -
Pattern of Maxillofacial Trauma Final Pr. ID: -
Periodontal status among adults in South Africa – a cross-sectional epidemiological study Final Pr. ID: -
Prescription pattern of antibiotic and analgesic in endodontic treatment in Kuwaiti population- A self administered Survey Final Pr. ID: -
Properties of clinker and alkali-activated aluminosilicates for experimental restorative cements Final Pr. ID: -
Roles of community pharmacists in improving oral health awareness in Plateau State, northern Nigeria Final Pr. ID: -
Salivary Creatinine as a Diagnostic Tool for Evaluating Patients with Chronic Kidney Disease. Final Pr. ID: -
The traditional practice of canine tooth bud removal in children and its impact in the developing dentition in north west Ethiopia Final Pr. ID: -
Found 19 abstracts.
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