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2021 Israeli Division Meeting (Jerusalem, Israel), 2021,

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A-Traumatic Tooth Extraction Based on an Optimized Collagenase Final Pr. ID: -
Adherence of Dentists to Health Authorities' Guidelines During the Pandemic Final Pr. ID: -
Anti-Biofilm Properties of Cannabigerol Towards Streptococcus Mutans Final Pr. ID: -
Bone Regeneration Using a Resorbable Magnesium-Based Membrane in Rabbits Calvaria Final Pr. ID: -
CAD/CAM Machining Vibrations Related Zirconia Blank Shape and Initial Nesting Final Pr. ID: -
CBCT Knowledge and Clinical use Among Israeli Dentists – a Follow-up Study Final Pr. ID: -
COVID-19 Effect on Pediatric Dentistry General Anesthesia Candidates Final Pr. ID: -
COVID-19-Induced Stress Among Dentists Affects Pediatric Cooperation Final Pr. ID: -
COVID-19 Quality Assurance Assessments in Dental Clinics in 2020-2021 Final Pr. ID: -
Deciphering HNSCC Intra Tumor Heterogeneity, an Approach Towards Personalized Medicine. Final Pr. ID: -
Depth of Thermal-Related Fissures in Human Teeth Final Pr. ID: -
Does Concentrated Growth Factors (CGF) Coated Implants Improve Osseointegration? Final Pr. ID: -
Effect of Osteogenically Induced Gingival Fibroblasts Injection on Cementum Thickness Final Pr. ID: -
Effects of Hyaluronic Acid Application on Healing Process After Surgical Treatment of Mandibular Impacted Third Molar Final Pr. ID: -
Electrospun-Fibrous Scaffold Designed for Bone Tissue Regeneration Final Pr. ID: -
Enamel Demineralization Caused by Various Carbohydrates Challenges -in Vitro Evaluation Final Pr. ID: -
Endocannabinoids Show Anti-Bacterial and Anti-Biofilm Activities Against Streptococcus Mutans Final Pr. ID: -
Enzyme-Responsive Nanoparticles for Targeted Delivery, Accumulation and Retention of Drugs to Inflamed Oral Tissues Final Pr. ID: -
Evaluating Cavity Preparations in Operative Course of Dentistry Studies by the use of Novel Multicolored 3D Teeth Final Pr. ID: -
Found 58 abstracts.
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