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Poster session Thursday, September 15, 2022

2022 Pan European Region Oral Health Congress (Marseille, France), 2022, Marseille, France

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45kHz Ultrasound Influences Endothelial Cell Growth and Gene Expression Final Pr. ID: P155
Access to Orthodontic Treatment Among Children by Household-Income in Norway Final Pr. ID: P106
Analyses of Herbal Toothpaste’s Antimicrobial Efficacy: in Vitro Study Final Pr. ID: P141
Antimicrobial Activity of Topical Potassium Iodide and Silver Solutions Final Pr. ID: P135
Association Between EBV Infection and Risk Factors in OSCC Patients Final Pr. ID: P166
Biocompatibility, Physical and Chemical Analysis of Calcium Silicate-Based Endodontic Sealers Final Pr. ID: P108
Blue Light Irradiation Influences Reparative Responses in Gingival Fibroblasts Final Pr. ID: P187
Cannabinoids as a Natural Non-Invasive Alternative for Decay-Intervention Final Pr. ID: P133
Characteristics and Biological Considerations of Newly Developed NanoFA-Based Dental Composite. Final Pr. ID: P124
Characterization of the new Titanium Alloy Ti-20Zr-3Mo-3Sn for Dental Implants Final Pr. ID: P115
Citrus-Derived Eriocitrin has Beneficial Effects on Inflammation and Oxidative Stress Final Pr. ID: P185
Clinical Gingival Health Improvement From Behavior Modification and Anti-Gingivitis Toothpaste Final Pr. ID: P179
Confirmation Bias of Dentists Using Artificial Intelligence for Caries Detection Final Pr. ID: P150
Correlation Between Phobia of Vomiting, Gag-Reflex, and Dental Anxiety Final Pr. ID: P102
COVID-19 Infection Does not Worsen Symptoms of Temporomandibular Disorders Final Pr. ID: P170
Cytotoxicity, Debris and Smear Layer Removal Efficacy of Super-Oxidized Water Final Pr. ID: P119
Delayed Post-Extraction Healing in Mice Lacking Initial Oral Mucosal Lymphatics Final Pr. ID: P168
Dental Staff's Experiences of Patients' Successful Behavioral Changes in Caries Prevention Final Pr. ID: P128
Development of a gum-Related Quality of Life Measure Final Pr. ID: P105
Effect of Firing Process on Accuracy of Machinable LDS Blocks Final Pr. ID: P111
Found 76 abstracts.
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