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2020 Japanese Division Meeting (Virtual), 2020, Virtual, Japan

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A pilot study of effects on Dentifrice Containing Neem for Oral Malodor, Plaque Adhesion, Gingival Inflammation and Oral Bacteria Final Pr. ID: 14
ABC transporter activities in biofilm formation by Streptococcus mutans Final Pr. ID: 20
Activation of CGRP receptors increased intracellular cAMP level in odontoblasts Final Pr. ID: 75
Activation of mechano-sensitive ion channels in cancer cells establishes paracrine network via endothelin signaling Final Pr. ID: 78
Adipose specific C-C motif chemokine ligand (CCL) 19 overexpression drives the mice to both insulin resistance and weight gain. Final Pr. ID: 45
Amelogenin down-regulates MHC class II antigen presentation on macrophages. Final Pr. ID: 44
An immunohistochemical study on the expression of bioactive molecules in the mouse kidney in P. gingivalis LPS-induced diabetic nephropathy Final Pr. ID: 39
Analysis of novel genotypes of Mfa1 fimbriae in Porphyromonas gingivalis Final Pr. ID: 29
Antimicrobial effects and mechanical properties of acrylic resin containing aPIZAS Final Pr. ID: 15
Artepillin C regulates extracellular matrix gene expressions in human periodontal fibroblasts by DNA methylation Final Pr. ID: 40
Assessment of Facial Changes after Orthognathic Surgery Using Geometric Morphometrics Final Pr. ID: 50
Bond strength between one-step adhesives and dentin after cyclic loading Final Pr. ID: 4
Bonding properties of acrylic resin to zirconia and polyaryletherketone (PAEK) Final Pr. ID: 3
Characteristics of anti-periodontal bacterial activity in culture supernatant of probiotic Final Pr. ID: 25
Characterization of the PLAP-1-GFP/CreER knock-in mouse Final Pr. ID: 46
Comparative study of plaque removal effect on Japanese commercial toothbrushes. Final Pr. ID: 87
Comparing the oral health-related quality of life of people with diabetes and people without diabetes at a Tertiary Hospital in Nigeria Final Pr. ID: 88
Comparison in physical properties of synthetic carbonate apatite and allogeneic bone graft substitute Final Pr. ID: 65
Comparison of microbiome organized on denture base materials and hydroxyapatite Final Pr. ID: 19
Computational chemistry of phospholipid mineralization Final Pr. ID: 62
Found 86 abstracts.
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