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Poster Session A

2020 Chilean Division Meeting (Virtual), 2020,

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Alzheimer's And Periodontitis: How Are They Related? A Systematic Review. . Final Pr. ID: -
Chilean Participation at IADR General Meetings: 2013-2020 Final Pr. ID: -
Correlation Between Vitamin-D and Degenerative Joint Disorders. Review and Meta-analysis Final Pr. ID: -
Effects of Omega 3 on Sleep: Systematic Review. Final Pr. ID: -
Evaluation of a new bleaching agent for professional use containing trimetaphosphate and fluoride Final Pr. ID: -
Impact Of Audiovisual Resources On The Learning Of Dental Students Final Pr. ID: -
Inflammatory biomarkers of intra-articular disorders of temporomandibular joint. Systemic Review Final Pr. ID: -
Liners and Shear Bond Strength After Selective Carious Lesion Removal. Final Pr. ID: -
Low-level laser protocol on the prevention of pain, edema, and trismus due to retained lower third molar extractions. A clinical, comparative, randomized, double-blind study Final Pr. ID: -
Microbiological Association between Periodontal and Alzheimer’s Diseases: a Systematic Review. Final Pr. ID: -
Omega-3 effect on osteoarthritis symptoms of synovial joints. Review-Meta Analysis. Final Pr. ID: -
Oral hygiene in newborns and Candida spp colonization Final Pr. ID: -
Orthopedic correction for adolescents with retrognatic mandibular position. A systematic review and Meta-analysis. Final Pr. ID: -
Osseointegration of LASER modified surface implants with and without hydroxyapatite coating Final Pr. ID: -
Pathogenic Variants Of DLX3 in Trico-Dento-Osseous Syndrome and Amelogenesis Imperfecta. Final Pr. ID: -
Presurgical Orthopedics in Patients with Cleft Palate: A Systematic Review Final Pr. ID: -
Relationship between Electromyographic Activity of the Musculature and Removable Prosthesis. Final Pr. ID: -
Relationship Between Periapical Lesions In Antral Teeth And Sinus Mucosal Thickening Final Pr. ID: -
Shear bond strength evaluation of experimental composite with silver nanoparticles coated with silicon dioxide for orthodontics. Final Pr. ID: -
Teledentistry for the Promotion and Prevention of Oral Health: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis Final Pr. ID: -
Found 20 abstracts.
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