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2021 Continental European and Scandinavian Divisions Meeting (Brussels, Belgium, Hybrid), 2021, Brussels, Belgium, Hybrid

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Association Between Aggressive Apical Root Resorption and Intermaxillary Elastics Final Pr. ID: 0292
Bisphenol a Release From Orthodontic Composite Resins Final Pr. ID: 0287
Color Changes of Esthetic Elastomeric Ligatures Due to Exogenic Pigmentation Final Pr. ID: 0293
Comparison of Gene Profiling of Individuals With Oligodontia and Normal Dentition Final Pr. ID: 0051
Dental Plaque Retention and Fixed Orthodontic Devices: a Literature Review Final Pr. ID: 0294
Dynamic Changes in Orthodontic Tooth Movement in Rats: 3D Analysis Final Pr. ID: 0050
Genetic Associations of Tooth Agenesis in Central European Sample Group Final Pr. ID: 0289
Genotype-Phenotype Correlation in Patients With Primary Failure of Eruption Final Pr. ID: 0288
Impact of Myeloid HIF-1α on Orthodontic Tooth Movement in Mice Final Pr. ID: 0290
OHRQoL: Influence of Different Factors During Orthodontic Treatment With Braces Final Pr. ID: 0285
Oral Health Related Quality of Life During Treatment With Braces Final Pr. ID: 0284
Resin-Infiltration of White-Spot-Lesions a Challenge for Orthodontic Bracket Bonding? Final Pr. ID: 0053
Skeletal and Soft Tissue Changes in Normal Occlusion Throughout Lifetime Final Pr. ID: 0052
Tension Effect on Human Periodontal Ligament Cells: a Systematic Review Final Pr. ID: 0136
The Association Between the Dental and Facial Symmetry in Adolescents Final Pr. ID: 0135
Thermocycling Induces Severe Material Wear in Orthodontic Sealants Final Pr. ID: 0286
Three-Dimensional Analysis of Soft Tissue Changes After Orthognathic Surgery Final Pr. ID: 0291
Zoledronic Acid Effect in Different Ages Mice Under Orthodontic Loading. Final Pr. ID: 0134
Found 18 abstracts.
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