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2021 Continental European and Scandinavian Divisions Meeting (Brussels, Belgium, Hybrid), 2021, Brussels, Belgium, Hybrid

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A New Device to Distalize Maxillary Molar With High Pseudoelastic Forces. Final Pr. ID: 0182
A Pronounced Apical Translucency With Endodontic Causation? – an Interdisciplinary Case-Report Final Pr. ID: 0168
Accelerated Extensive Osteonecrosis of the Mandibular Body Under Denosumab Treatment Final Pr. ID: 0187
Decoronation as Alveolar Ridge Preservation Technique: a Case Report Final Pr. ID: 0172
Full Arch Rehabilitation With the Flowable Injection Technique: a Case-Report Final Pr. ID: 0174
Full-Mouth Rehabilitation in a Young Adult With Severe Amelogenesis Imperfecta: a Case Report Final Pr. ID: 0177
Functional and Esthetic Rehabilitation of a Patient. a Case Report. Final Pr. ID: 0176
Gingival Augmentation of an Advanced Recession With Complete Root Exposure Final Pr. ID: 0185
Juvenile Tongue Fibroma: Surgical Management. Final Pr. ID: 0170
Minimal Invasive Treatment of Molar Incisor Hypomineralization: a Case Report Final Pr. ID: 0179
Non-Surgical Periodontal Treatment of Amlodipine-Induced Excessive Gingival Growth: a Case Report Final Pr. ID: 0186
Oral Phenotype of Singleton-Merten: a Case Report Final Pr. ID: 0187.1
Orthodontic Extrusion to Restore an Esthetically Compromised Central Incisor Final Pr. ID: 0181
Pulpotomy Subsequent to Occlusal Reduction for Prosthesis: Two Case Reports Final Pr. ID: 0167
Reattachment of a Complicated Crown-Root Fracture: 14 Year Follow-up Final Pr. ID: 0180
Regenerative Endodontic Treatment With Blood Clot and PRF: a Clinical Report Final Pr. ID: 0169
Reimplantation of a Molar With Complex Root Canal Anatomy Final Pr. ID: 0183
Semilunar Coronally Advanced Flap Technique for Root Coverage: Case Report Final Pr. ID: 0171
Total Restorative Rehabilitation in a Patient With Functional and Esthetic Problems. a Case Report. Final Pr. ID: 0173
Treatment of Agenesis of Lateral Incisors With Resin-Bonded Ceramic Cantilever Bridges. a Case Report. Final Pr. ID: 0175
Found 21 abstracts.
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