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Oral health & medicine

2021 Continental European and Scandinavian Divisions Meeting (Brussels, Belgium, Hybrid), 2021, Brussels, Belgium, Hybrid

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A Systematic Review of Mandibular Advancement Device Side Effects Final Pr. ID: 0283.2
Age and Gender-Related Differences in Human Gingival Blood Flow Final Pr. ID: 0128
An Interprofessional Geriatric Assessment Project for Dental Undergraduate Students Final Pr. ID: 0057.1
Associations Between Sociodemographic Characteristics and Improvement in Oral Health-Related Knowledge Final Pr. ID: 0130
Bisphenol-a Disturbs Bio-Mineralization in Mussels: Potential Implications for Molar-Incisor Hypomineralization Final Pr. ID: 0054
Characterization of the 4NQO rat Model for Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma Final Pr. ID: 0283
DARK1 Hypermethylation in OSCC and Oral Leukoplakia Final Pr. ID: 0283.4
Effects of Psychiatric Drugs on Orofacial Dryness Final Pr. ID: 0131
Embryonic Markers SOX2-OCT3/4: Immunohistochemical Expression in Oral Leukoplakia/Cancer Final Pr. ID: 0283.3
Endothelium-Dependent and Non-Dependent Vasodilation in Human Gingiva Final Pr. ID: 0129
Oral Exercises and Hygiene Interventions Improves OHRQoL in Parkinson’s Disease Final Pr. ID: 0283.1
Oral Health Status and Tongue Biofilm in Neurological Patients: a Case-Control Study. Final Pr. ID: 0055
Periodontal Diseases Increase the Oral Chronic Graft-Versus-Host Disease Occurrence Final Pr. ID: 0056
Radiographic Predictors of MRONJ in Patients Undergoing Tooth Extraction Final Pr. ID: 0057
The Analysis of the Referral Pattern in Oral Medicine Final Pr. ID: 0133
The Impact of Hypertension on the Oral Health During Pregnancy. Final Pr. ID: 0127
The Prognostic Role of Tumor Budding in Oral Tongue Cancer Final Pr. ID: 0132
Found 17 abstracts.
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