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2020 Iranian Division Annual Meeting (Virtual), 2020, Virtual

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Antibacterial Activity of a New Polymeric Local Drug Delivery System on a Multispecies Bacterial Community Associated with Periodontitis Final Pr. ID: -
Application of blue laser LED for disinfection in COVID-19 era Final Pr. ID: -
Artificial intelligence in dentistry; concepts and applications Final Pr. ID: -
Assessing the Impact of Communicational Skills Training on Improving Empathy levels of Dental Students Final Pr. ID: -
Assessment of different educational methods regarding tooth brushing instruction on the amount of dental plaque in children Final Pr. ID: -
Association between Basal Bone Height in Mandibular posterior region and Facial Type Final Pr. ID: -
Can the Periodontal Mesenchymal Stem Cells be a Superior Source for Stem Cell-based Therapies? Final Pr. ID: -
Cell homing strategy: A new method of regenerative endodontic treatment Final Pr. ID: -
Comparison between two methods of wound closure following third molar surgery Final Pr. ID: -
Comparison of the effect of iron salts on the rate of primary tooth discoloration and demineralization in artificial caries challenge and normal Saline Final Pr. ID: -
Digital orthodontics: Limitations and advantages. Final Pr. ID: -
Effect of mouthwashes on the color change of a self adhesive composite resin Final Pr. ID: -
Effect of nanofiller on shear bond strength of orthodontic bracket Final Pr. ID: -
Evaluation of enamel microhardness after power bleaching by diode laser and LED with different bleaching gels Final Pr. ID: -
Evaluation of Human Dental Enamel Microhardness after Office Bleaching with Diode Laser and LED Light Compared with the Conventional Technique Final Pr. ID: -
Evaluation of the knowledge and awareness levels of Iranian dental students on COVID-19 during its pandemic Final Pr. ID: -
Gender difference in COIVID-19 related stress in dental academics Final Pr. ID: -
Improving the Osteogenesis of the natural and synthetic granules Final Pr. ID: -
Labial plate width in the esthetic area: A systematic review Final Pr. ID: -
Lived experience of dental students who attended Community dentistry fields in Mashhad in 2018-2019: A phenomenological study Final Pr. ID: -
Found 37 abstracts.
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