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Microbiology & immunology

2021 Continental European and Scandinavian Divisions Meeting (Brussels, Belgium, Hybrid), 2021, Brussels, Belgium, Hybrid

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Are Chlorhexidine Mouthrinses all Acting the Same Towards Oral Biofilms? Final Pr. ID: 0019
Blood and Saliva Contamination on Protective Eyewear During Dental Treatment Final Pr. ID: 0278
Breath Parameters in Relation to Tongue Microbiota in a Healthy Population Final Pr. ID: 0278.1
Candida Albicans Adherence Control by Alginate / Xylitol Containing Toothpaste Final Pr. ID: 0275
Cervicofacial Cellulitis of Dental Origin: Clinical and Bacteriological Features Final Pr. ID: 0277
Clade G6 Saccharibacteria ("Ca. Nanogingivalaceae") are Highly Divergent From Clade G1 Final Pr. ID: 0021
Drip Flow Biofilm Reactor for Dynamically Profiling Periodontal Multispecies Communities Final Pr. ID: 0278.2
Immunological Response in the Dental Pulp After Caries Treatment Final Pr. ID: 0022
Impact of the Antifungal Fluconazole on Streptococcal Growth and Oral Microbial Biofilms Final Pr. ID: 0276
in-Silico Selection of the Best 16S RRNA Gene Primers for Detecting Oral Bacteria and Archaea Final Pr. ID: 0273
In-Vitro Activity of Three Propolis on Oral Microorganisms and Biofilm Final Pr. ID: 0120
Inhibition of Immunomediators in Periodontal Ligament-Derived MSCs by 25-Hydroxyvitamin-D3 Final Pr. ID: 0121
Oral Microbiome and Recovery of Renal Function After Kidney Transplantation. Final Pr. ID: 0118
Phenotypic Adaptation of Oral Bacterial Isolates Toward Chlorhexidine-Digluconate and Cetylpyridinium-Chloride Final Pr. ID: 0119
Redundancy of 16S RRNA Genes in Genomes From Oral Bacteria and Archaea Final Pr. ID: 0274
Salivary Calprotectin and Neutrophils in Oral and Inflammatory Bowel Disease Final Pr. ID: 0020
The Impact of HAMLET, a Human-Milk Protein Complex, on the Ecology of the Oral Microbiome Final Pr. ID: 0117
Found 17 abstracts.
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