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Relationship between Oral Lichen Planus and Vitamin D Deficiency a Report of two cases

Objectives: Oral Lichen Planus (OLP) is a chronic inflammatory disease without a known etiology featured with a T-cell infiltrated band in the lamina propri. Both, the pathogenesis and etiology of this disorder are still unknown. Recent studies have indicated the role of vitamin D on immune system and proposed its anti-inflammatory effects.
This study of two case reports aimed to investigate vitamin D serum levels in patients with oral lichen planus .

Methods: Two patients were referred for general oral and dental checkup were diagnosed with oral lichen planus. The pathology was confirmed with an histological exam. A blood sample was taken from both subjects and the subjects’ vitamin D serum levels were assessed with a vitamin D total (25-hydroxy vitamin D) kit by employing the electrochemiluminescence technique.

Results: Both patients with oral lichen planus showed a vitamin D deficiency level in serum of patients.

Conclusions: Vitamin D being a strong immune modulator and that further studies are needed to confirm the role of vitamin D in the expression and manifestations of lichen planus which may help us to deliver better treatment for lichen planus

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