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Unilateral Parotid Sweling After Tooth Extration Mimking A Malign Tumor :A Case Report.

Objectives: Facial swellings commonly present to General Medical and Dental Practitioners. The differential diagnosis of these swellings is vast and ranges from acute obstructive salivary gland disease to neoplastic processes. We present a rare case of swelling in the pre auricular region mimking a malign tumor.

Methods: A 10-year-old boy presented to our department with a complaint of painless left parotid swelling for 8 weeks duration with a history of tooth extraction. Examination revealed left parotid mass, size 5*6 cm which was firm in consistency, non-tender and with no surrounding skin changes. Clinically there was no involvement of the facial nerve. Oral examination did not reveal any cavities. Inspection and palpation of the parotid duct and its orifice did not show abnormalities.

Results: Panoramic radiography did not reveal any sign of osteitis. Magnetic Resonance Imaging scan (MRI) revealed an enlargement of the parotid gland with high signal intensity on T1, a periosteal reaction of the mandible and a high signal intensity T1 of the bone marrow. A subsequent tomodensitometry was undertaken which showed a well-defined and homogenous lesion measuring 4 cm involving the superficial lobe. The lesion was most likely representing parotitis. Subsequent fine needle aspiration cytology (FNAC) of the left parotid mass did not report atypical cells. The child underwent surgical drainage associated with antibiotic.

Conclusions: In the paediatric population parotid neoplasms are very rare, with benign tumours accounting for 80% of the masses in the parotid gland. Nevertheless, a detailed clinical examination with a high index of suspicion to look for non-infectious causes of parotid swelling is important.

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