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An In Vitro Scanning Electron Microscope Study of the Effects of External Tooth Whitening on Enamel Surfaces.

Objectives: The aim is to discuss, through an in vitro study, the effects of external tooth whitening on enamel surfaces using three methods.
Methods: It is an in vitro study conducted on a sample of 16 teeth divided into 4 groups. Each group was treated according to a technique.
Group 1: is a control group, having received no treatment.
Group 2: was treated according to the immediate technique with 40% hydrogen peroxide.
Group 3: was treated with 32% hydrogen peroxide in combination in combination with light.
Group 4: was treated with 16% carbamide peroxide.
The teeth were then preserved in physiological saline and observed with SEM.
Results: Typical pores and micro cracks alterations were observed for the concentrations of 40% and 32% hydrogen peroxide and they were more pronounced at 16% carbamide peroxide. These alterations were alleviated through the application of remineralizing products and immersion in saliva.
Conclusions: Although the whitening products can microscopically alter the enamel, this damage is minimal and quickly restored thanks to the buffering and remineralizing capacity of saliva.
Tunisian Section Meeting
2019 Tunisian Section Meeting (Monastir, Tunisia)
Monastir, Tunisia

  • Bouhaha, Marwa  ( UHC Farhat Hached , Sousse , Tunisia )
  • Gnaba, Imen  ( UHC Farhat Hached , Sousse , Tunisia )
  • Annabi, Bechir  ( Faculty of Dental Medicine , Monastir , Monastir , Tunisia )
  • Hammami, Soumaya  ( private dental clinic , Sousse , Tunisia )
  • Zouiten, Sonia  ( Faculty of Dental Medicine , Monastir , Monastir , Tunisia )
  • Ben Amor, Faten  ( Faculty of Dental Medicine , Monastir , Monastir , Tunisia )
  • Research Laboratory of Oral Health and Oro Facial Rehabilitation LR12 ES11 Faculty of Dental Medecine - Monastir University Tunisia
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