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Giant Lipoma Of Buccal Mucosa: A Rare Case Report

Objectives: Lipomas are common benign soft tissue neoplasms derived from mature adipose tissue. However, they rarely arise in the oral cavity comprising no more than 1-5% of all neoplasms. They are usually less than 2cm in size and their etiology remains unclear.
Anatomic sites within the mouth include : buccal mucosa, tongue, floor of mouth, palate, gingiva, lips and retromolar area.
In this presentation, we emphasize the clinicopathological features and differential diagnosis of the disease.

Methods: A 70-year-old male patient was referred to our department of oral surgery, with a chief complaint of a giant mass in the left buccal mucosa of about 6 cm of major axis.
Oral examination revealed a nodular and sessile mass, with defined borders, regular contour and soft consistency .Even though it was large, the lesion did not affect speech or chewing.

Results: The lesion was resected off the adjacent muscle fibers of the buccinator under local anesthesia. The surgical specimen presented 6cm in diameter and did float in saline.
Histopathological examination confirmed the diagnosis of lipoma.

Conclusions: The importance of meticulous clinical evaluation and histopathological identification of the Lipoma is important to differentiate it from other look-alike entities affecting similar locations, so as institute the correct treatment.
Complete surgical excision of the lipoma is the definitive treatment modality to be employed and if performed with care, provides an excellent outcome and is not followed by recurrence.
Tunisian Section Meeting
2019 Tunisian Section Meeting (Monastir, Tunisia)
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  • Chokri, Abdellatif  ( Faculty of Dental Medicine , Monastir , Tunisia )
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  • Omami, Mounir  ( Dentistry School of MONASTIR , Monastir , Tunisia )
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  • Sioud, Sameh  ( Monastir University , Monastir , Tunisia )
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