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Corrosion stability of welded alloys for metal-ceramic system


The aim of this study was to test the elution of Co, Cr and Ni ions from laser and TIG welded Co-Cr alloys.


Four commercial Co-Cr dental alloys were cast. The specimens were divided into 3 groups. The first group of samples was laser welded, second joint with TIG procedure and third used as a control group. After microstructure analysis the specimens were subjected to immersion test. Elution was determined using the AAS.


The highest leaching of the ions was shown for the specimens joined by TIG procedure. Statistically significant differences in the elution of Ni ions were recorded between all three analyzed specimen groups. The release of ions from analyzed specimens corresponds to their composition declared by the manufactures.

Conclusions: Laser welds proved to be the most corrosion resistant, whereas TIG welds showed the highest ion elution.

Pan European Region Meeting
2012 Pan European Region Meeting (Helisinki, Finland)
Helisinki, Finland
Scientific Groups
  • Jelinic Carek, Andreja  ( College of Dentistry, Zagreb, N/A, Croatia )
  • Zivko Babic, Jasenka  ( College of Dentistry, Zagreb, N/A, Croatia )
  • Jakovac, Marko  ( College of Dentistry, Zagreb, N/A, Croatia )
  • Badel, Tomislav  ( University of Zagreb, Zagreb, Croatia, Zagreb, N/A, Croatia )
  • Poster Session