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Effects of Different Whitening Agents on Resin Composites' Esthetic Properties

Objectives: The aim of this study was to examine the effects of different whitening agents on the color and translucency of different resin composites, in vitro.
Methods: A total of 315 specimens (10.0×2.0 mm) were fabricated from two microhybrid (G-aenial anterior[G-Ant]) and (G-aenial posterior[G-Post]) and a nano hybrid (G-aenial A’CHORD[G-ACH]) resin composites and each group was randomly distributed into seven experimental groups (n=15) as follows; 1- control (C); 2- in-office whitening agent (40%Hydrogen Peroxide[HP], Opalescence Boost, Ultradent, South Jordan, USA[IOW]); 3- at-home whitening agent (Opalescence,10% Carbamide Peroxide [CP], Ultradent, South Jordan, USA[AHW]); 4- prefilled tray (Opalescence Go, 6%HP Ultradent, South Jordan, USA[PT]); 5- whitening pen (6% HP, Cavex Bite&White, Cavex, Haarlem, Nederland[WP]); 6- whitening toothpaste (Opalescence, Ultradent, South Jordan, USA[WT]) and 7- whitening mouth rinse (2% HP, Listerine Advanced White, Johnson & Johnson, New Jersey, USA[WMR]). The composite specimens were subjected to staining except control group and then to whitening. The color of specimens was measured after 24 h (T0), after staining (T1) and after whitening (T2) and changes in whiteness index (WID), CIEDE2000 (ΔE00) and translucency parameter (TP) values were calculated. Data were analyzed statistically (p<0.05).
Results: No significant WID differences were detected among the tested resin composites at T0 and T1 (p>0.05) whereas a significant difference was seen at T2 (p<0.005). AHW and IOW produced higher color change than PT, WP, WT and WMR. Significant TP changes were seen after the application of IOW and AHW in G-Ant.
Conclusions: The effect of whitening products on the whitening index, color and translucency of resin composites are material and substrate dependent. Clinicians should know that existing resin composite restorations are prone to discoloration and effectiveness of the whitening agent used for color recovery of discolored restorations varies depending to the type of the material. Thus, replacement may be required.

2022 Pan European Region Oral Health Congress (Marseille, France)
Marseille, France
Dental Materials 7: Color and Appearance (Esthetics)
  • Koc Vural, Uzay  ( Hacettepe University , Ankara , Turkey )
  • Atalay, Cansu  ( Hacettepe University , Ankara , Turkey )
  • Gurgan, Sevil  ( Hacettepe University , Ankara , Turkey )
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    Oral Session
    Instruments and Equipment/Color and Appearance of Polymers
    Thursday, 09/15/2022 , 01:30PM - 03:30PM