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Sterility Level Over Time of Multi-Used Sterilization Pouches

The issue of sterilization in dental clinics has a crucial impact on the dental clinic’s daily routine. On one hand there is a demand for a high standards of infection control, and on the other hand a need for high tool availability. To achieve the realization of these needs, the common practice is using sterilization bags (or pouches). One of the major issues in management of any dental practice nowadays is waste management and the environmental sustainability impact of the practice. To reduce environmental harmful impacts, some clinics reuse sterilization pouches several times despite most manufacturers suggestions for a single usage. THe objective of this study was to test the sterility level of items packed in reused pouches, over time.

120 sterilization bags were prepared, with a nickel-titanium endodontic file inside, as the tested item. The bags were divided into groups according to the sealing method, and number of prior sterilization cycles. After standard sterilization, we stored them for four weeks, during which every week one group of bags was opened, and a biologic test was performed to assess bacterial colonies development, according to a recognized protocol of incubation and sowing on a BHI substrate.

Only three bags out of 120 developed an infection (and these were only after four weeks –and two of them from the control group, the non-sealed ones).

The findings of this study indicate that there is a good basis for reuse of sterilization bags, at least in terms of maintaining the level of sterilization. Additional research is required with conditions which are more similar to reality, as well as to examine the practical sides of reusing sterilization bags. As environment awareness in the world increases, these findings are important.

2022 Pan European Region Oral Health Congress (Marseille, France)
Marseille, France
Dental Materials 6: Instruments and Equipment
  • Livny, Alon  ( Hebrew University School of Dental Medicine , Sarigim , Israel )
  • Baron, Eyal  ( Hebrew University School of Dental Medicine , Sarigim , Israel )
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    Oral Session
    Instruments and Equipment/Color and Appearance of Polymers
    Thursday, 09/15/2022 , 01:30PM - 03:30PM