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Effect of Bleaching on Microhardness and Color-Change of Resin-Infiltrated Lesions

Objectives: The aim of this study was to evaluate the effect of resin infiltration and bleaching treatments on microhardness and color change of initial enamel caries lesions.
Methods: Thirty-nine human incisors were used in this study. The teeth were divided into 3 groups(n=13):
Group-A)Sound-teeth control group; Group-B)Artificially-induced enamel caries; Group-C)Resin infiltrated artificial enamel caries.
Microhardness values of the specimens were determined by HMV Microhardness Tester(Shimadzu,Japan)
VHM0:Initial microhardness measurement(applied to GroupA,B and C)
VHMd: Microhardness measurement after demineralization regimen for artificially-induced enamel caries(applied to GroupB and C)
VHMr: Microhardness measurement after resin infiltration (applied to GroupC)
VHMss:Microhardness measurements after staining solution(coffee,1week)(applied to GroupA,B and C)
VHMb: Microhardness measurements after bleaching treatment [18% hydrogen-peroxide gel(Biowhiten, Prooffice)(applied to GroupA,B and C).
The color changes of the teeth in all groups were evaluated after coffee staining and bleaching using spectrophotometer (Vita Easy Shade Advance4.0, VITA Zahnfabrik, Germany).Measured CIE L*, a*, and b* at each point were compared and color difference (ΔE) was calculated.
The statistical comparison between groups was performed using the Variance analysis for repeated measurements, Bonferroni test was used for binary comparisons.(p=0.05)
Results: After bleaching, similar VHMb values were detected between Group A and C(p>0.05). VHMb showed significantly lower microhardness value than VHMss in Group B(p<0.05). VHMb showed significantly higher microhardness value than VHMss in Group C(p<0.05).
ΔE2 value is significantly lower than ΔE1 value in both Group A and Group C.(p<0.05) There was no difference between ΔE2 values of Group A,B and C.(p>0.05)
Conclusions: After bleaching, color change of stained sound teeth was similar with the color change of stained enamel caries lesions with and without resin infiltration.
After bleaching, the resin infiltrated group showed higher microhardness values than the non-infiltrated group, while this value was similar to the sound-teeth control group.

2022 Pan European Region Oral Health Congress (Marseille, France)
Marseille, France
Dental Materials 7: Color and Appearance (Esthetics)
  • Tunç, Aysenur  ( Bezmialem Vakif University , Istanbul , Turkey )
  • Ozduman, Zumrut  ( Bezmialem Vakif University , Istanbul , Turkey )
  • Eliguzeloglu Dalkilic, Evrim  ( Bezmialem Vakif University , Istanbul , Turkey )
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    Oral Session
    Instruments and Equipment/Color and Appearance of Polymers
    Thursday, 09/15/2022 , 01:30PM - 03:30PM