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Co-Cr Dental Alloys: Past, Present and Future In Light of EU

Objectives: This study systematically reviewed the literature to assess the use of Cobalt chromium alloy in dentistry and the future prospects of this alloy in light of EU Regulations.
Methods: The data basis used to obtain the appropriate articles were PubMed, Web of science and Scopus. The inclusion criteria included the articles related to biocompatibility, uses and properties of Cobalt Chromium as a dental alloy. Only documents written in English were included.
Results: After screening, 23 articles were included in the literature review. The biocompatibility status of Cobalt and Chromium alloys along with their properties and uses were included and they reported to be having excellent mechanical properties like stiffness, strength and corrosion resistance rendering them highly biocompatible. However, as part of an artificially placed material inside patient's mouth, these can result in some serious health issues.
Conclusions: In light of EU regulatory framework, Cobalt Chromium alloys have been undergoing profound changes.with the new classification of Cobalt metal as a CMR substance, under the CLP regulations.The material may be forbidden to use in a medical device if it includes more than 0.1% of Cobalt.

2021 Pakistan Section (Lahore, Pakistan)
Lahore, Pakistan

Dental Materials 3: Metal-based Materials and Other Materials
  • Yaqub, Shireen  ( University of Lahore , Lahore , Pakistan )
  • Arif, Aqsa  ( University of Lahore , Lahore , Pakistan )
  • Sharif, Muhammad  ( University of Lahore , Lahore , Pakistan )
  • Hassan, Muhammad  ( University of Lahore , Lahore , Pakistan )
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