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Medical Student Syndrome in Dental Students

Objectives: The following study aims to employ analytical tests of difference between Dental and non-medical control groups in students of University of Lahore in Pakistan to see how common this phenomenon is among the students
Methods: A validated questionnaire with 29 questions was used for data collection and 600 questionnaires were distributed among 2 groups of students. One group was dental students and the other group was the students from non-medical background
Results: Currently the data is in the process of entry using of IBM SPSS version 23 software. Once data entry is completed discriptive and analytical statistical analysis will be performed and the results and conclusion will be made accordingly.

Conclusions: Conclusions will be made as soon as the results are analyzed.

2021 Pakistan Section (Lahore, Pakistan)
Lahore, Pakistan

Education Research
  • Aslam, Roshaney  ( University of Lahore , Lahore , Pakistan )
  • Khan, Nissa  ( University of Lahore , Lahore , Pakistan )
  • Hassan, Muhammad  ( University of Lahore , Lahore , Pakistan )
  • Bajwa, Obaid  ( University of Lahore , Lahore , Pakistan )
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