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Fabrication oF Ear Prosthesis

Objectives: Prosthodontics isn't simply restricted to substitution of missing teeth but includes the rehabilitation of extra oral tissues as well. Loss of a maxillofacial structure can be due to a variety of reasons like congenital, trauma, burns, pathology etc. Reconstruction of such cases can be done prosthetically, surgically or a combination of both. However, not all situations are favorable to surgical reconstruction. The following case report details the steps in the fabrication of a silicone auricular prosthesis employing conventional methods.
A 25 year old male patient who lost his left auricle due to a road traffic accident reported to the Prosthodontics department of Sardar Begum Dental College Peshawar. Upon examination only the tragus and ear lobule were present. Hearing capability was intact on both sides. A prosthetic silicone remaking was chosen to satisfy the patient's longing for a restorative remedy without a surgical procedure.
This case report presents a layout for manfacturing of auricular prosthesis. Rehabilitation of a patient with missing ear can be accomplished aimed at satisfying the goal of keeping up with patient’s comfort, aesthetics and taking the patient back to the general public to have a normal existence.
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2021 Pakistan Section (Lahore, Pakistan)
Lahore, Pakistan

Craniofacial Biology Research
  • Khattak, Hamza  ( Sardar Begum Dental College , Peshawar , Khyber Pukhtoon khuwa , Pakistan )
  • Ahmad, Awais  ( Sardar Begum Dental College , Peshawar , Khyber Pukhtoon khuwa , Pakistan )
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