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Objectives: To characterize the experience of care through telemedicine to patients who consulted for Temporomandibular Disorders and Orofacial Pain (TMD-OFP) in COVID-19 pandemic period, in relation to the particularities of patients who consulted as well as the level of satisfaction reported with the care modality.
Methods: May to September 2020, students of TMD-OFP program of the Andrés Bello University, provided free teleconsultations and telecare to patients requesting support. They conducted a full remote interview, mimicking the DC/TMD examination and collected Axis II Symptom questionnaires using electronic surveys. A 13-question Likert-scale survey assessed the system’s experience, information sharing, consumer focus and overall satisfaction. All data was digitally recorded and descriptively analyzed.
Results: 63 Men (15.8%) and 335 Women (84.2%) were attended, average age of 30.96 ± 10.96 years old (min 18-max 78). 75.6% presented pain in their face, temple or joint, with an average duration of 67.63 ± 57.20 days. 30.9% of the sample presented chronic pain (3 months cut-off). 62.2% had joint noises, 39.4% had a jaw lock history, 21.6% were currently jaw limited, and 12.4% presented open lock in the previous month. The average level of depression was 10.06 ± 6.29 (moderate depression) and anxiety 9.46 ± 4.81 (mild-moderate). Regarding user satisfaction, the domain focused on the consumer shows that 74.7% of patients could obtain positive results from their consultation. 95.14% of those who responded to the satisfaction survey would recommend this type of oral health-care to another person with their symptoms.
Conclusions: Patients who during the COVID-19 pandemic demanded TMD-OFP care through University e-Health care were mostly middle-aged women with acute or chronic pain of moderate-intensity and moderate anxiety and depression. Also, telemedicine can be a useful and well-received alternative between the patient, user satisfaction aspect, and the oral health professional. More research is needed on examination, diagnosis and remote treatment of TMD-OFP.

2021 Chilean Division Annual Meeting (Virtual) 2021


International Network for Orofacial Pain and Related Disorders Methodology (INfORM)
  • Gonzalez-latorre, Tomas  ( Universidad Nacional Andrés Bello , Santiago , Chile )
  • Tobar Lahosa, Valentina  ( Universidad Nacional Andrés Bello , Santiago , Chile )
  • Oyarzo, Juan  ( Universidad Nacional Andrés Bello , Santiago , Chile )
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