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Effects of Office-Bleaching Modified with Different Desensitizing Agents on Enamel

Objective: To analyze  microhardness and chemical composition of enamel bleached with  an office-bleaching system modified with  different desensitizing agents in vitro.

Method: 117 polished, 10mm diameter human anterior enamel surfaces were obtained and randomly divided into nine groups(n=13). After recording initial(T0) enamel-color, chemical-analysis and microhardness, the bleaching treatments were performed as G1:Signal Professional White Now POWDER&LIQUID FAST 38% Hydrogenperoxide (S), G2:S&Flor Opal 0.5% fluoride ion (F), G3:S&GC Tooth Mousse CPP-ACP paste (TM), G4:S&UltraEZ 3% potassium nitrate (U), G5:S&Signal Professional SENSITIVE PHASE 1 30% Nano Hydroxyapatite suspension (SP), G6:S-F mixture, G7:S-TM mixture, G8:S-U mixture, G9:S-SP mixture. After 24h(T1) and 14 days(T2), color,  chemical-analysis, and microhardness measurements were repeated. Data were analyzed with ANOVA(p<0,001), Tukey(p<0,001) and Dunnett T3(p<0,001) tests  using SPSS PASW, 15.0 software.

Result: There were no significant differences in L*, a* and b* values among the nine groups at T0(p>0,001). ΔE value of G7 was significantly higher than G3, G5, G6 and G9 at T1(p<0.001). ΔE value of G8 between T1-T2 was higher than G1, G4 and G5, while ΔE value of G9 was higher than G1, G2, G4, G5 and G6(p<0,001).  Microhardness of all groups were similar at T0. There was no significant percentage microhardness loss(PML) between T0-T1 except G3(p>0,001). G1 showed higher PML  than G2, G5 and G7(p<0,001) at T2. G6 presented  less PML than G1, G2 and G5 between T1-T2(p<0,001). PML G6, G7 and G9  decreased in T1(p<0,001).  No significant difference was found between T0-T1(p>0,001) in Ca/P ratios. However Ca/P ratio of G3 was observed higher than G8(p<0,001).  F mass  increased in G2 and G6 at T1 (p<0,001) but there were no differences among the groups at T2(p>0,001). 

Conclusion: Use of desensitizing agents did not affect the success of the bleaching. Furthermore, adding fluoride, potassium nitrate or nano hydroxyapatite could recover microhardness of enamel immediately after office-bleaching.

Continental European Division Meeting
2013 Continental European Division Meeting (Florence, Italy)
Florence, Italy
Scientific Groups
  • Kutuk, Zeynep Bilge  ( Hacettepe University, Ankara, N/A, Turkey )
  • Firat, Esra  ( Hacettepe University, Ankara, N/A, Turkey )
  • Gurgan, Sevil  ( Hacettepe University, Ankara, N/A, Turkey )
  • Oral Session
    Dental Materials III - Materials Polymerization