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Chlorexidine's effects to the Shear Bond Strength of two new Adhesives

Objective: The inhibitory effect of chlorexidine to endogenous matrix metaloproteinases, has been recently attracted attention in studying the dynamics of dentin bonding agents.  The aim of this study was to evaluate the effects of 2% digluconate chlorexidine, to the shear bond strength of two new adhesive systems.

Method: The following self-etch systems were tested: a water-acetone-ethanol self-etch adhesive (Optibond All-In-One, Kerr) and a a solvent free self-etch adhesive (Bond 1 SF, Pentron Clinical). Eighty human teeth were sectioned longitudinally and polished with 600 grit SiC paper. The adhesive area was isolated with a cylindrical Teflon mold 3-4 mm. Half of the specimens for each self-etch system were teated with 2% digluconate chlorexidine before self-etch systems were applied. All  specimens were thermocycled and stressed  at a rate of 0.5mm/min, half of them 24 hours after the application and half of them 3 months later. Failure patterns were analyzed using stereomicroscope and SEM. Statistic analysis was performed.

Result: Optibond All In One showed significantly higher shear bond strength than Bond 1 SF for both testing periods. Chlorexidine statistically significantly improved the shear bond strength of Optibond All In One tested 3 months after the application. Chlorexidine didn’t improve the shear bond strength of Bond 1 SF in any of the observation periods.

Conclusion: The present data indicate that 2% digluconate chlorexidine, as a Matrix Metaloproteinases’ inhibitor, can improve the shear bond strength of a common self-etch system as Optibond All In One.

Continental European Division Meeting
2013 Continental European Division Meeting (Florence, Italy)
Florence, Italy
Scientific Groups
  • Tziafa, Christina  ( Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Thessaloniki, N/A, Greece )
  • Kouros, Pantelis  ( Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Thessaloniki, N/A, Greece )
  • Koliniotou-koumpia, Eugenia  ( Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Thessaloniki, N/A, Greece )
  • Poster Session
    Dental Materials - Adhesives