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A Conservative Alternative Option for Root Fracture Tooth Treatment

Objectives: Fiber-reinforced composite (FRC) resin bridges are a conservative alternative to traditional fixed dental prostheses or implants. Replacing missing teeth, especially in the anterior region, is an important part of dental practice. This technique is a minimally invasive and reversible application and can be completed in a single visit. In this case report, a conservative treatment option of a root-fractured anterior tooth is presented using a glass fiber post to bond the crown and root fragments.
Methods: A 60-year-old man visited the Department of Restorative Dentistry because of mobility of the left maxillary central incisor (tooth #21) after it was endodontically treated. The tooth showed Miller Class 3 mobility and slight tenderness on percussion. Clinical and radiographic examinations revealed that the tooth has oblique root-fractured at the coronal cervical third. The tooth extraction needed, the conventional treatment options (or implant) and the conservative treatment options (FRC, without tooth extraction) were explained to the patient. The patient preferred FRC treatment without tooth extraction, which is a more conservative treatment option. After that the coronal part of tooth #21 was adhered to the root using a glass fiber (AAA Fiber Post,China) with a full-thickness periodontal flap elevation . Then, polyethylene fiber (Ribbond-THM 2 mm,Optident,UK) was placed into the prepared cavity on the palatal surfaces of teeth between #23-#12 and the tooth was splinted.
Results: At two years' recall examination, the crown and root strengthened with glass fiber post were in sound and good condition. No specific discomfort was reported. Periapical radiography was taken and bone filling was observed in the surrounding hard tissue of the crown and root junction area.
Conclusions: FRC restorations can be considered as an alternative method for the treatment of root-fractured anterior teeth without tooth extraction. FRC restorations may delay more expensive implant and prosthetic treatment options for years to come.

2023 Continental European and Scandinavian Divisions Meetings (Rhodes, Greece)
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Dental Materials 8: Clinical Trials
  • Ünlü, Nimet  ( Selcuk University , Konya , Turkey )
  • Mutafcilar Velioglu, Emine Elif  ( Selcuk University , Konya , Turkey )
  • Eser, Hakan Çağrι  ( Selcuk University , Konya , Turkey )
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