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10-MDP Containing Cleaning Agent Restores Bond Strength to Contaminated Resin

Objectives: The aim of the present study was to investigate the efficacy of recently introduced 10-MDP containing cleaning agent in restoring the bond strength after blood and saliva contamination.
Methods: KATANA Avencia (Kuraray) and Tetric CAD (Ivoclar) blocks were used as substrates. The blocks were wet-polished with 600 grit sandpaper, sandblasted, and ultrasonically cleaned. After blood and saliva contamination, the specimens were divided into subgroups: control-no contamination, water rinsing, acid etching, Ivoclean (Ivoclar) or KATANA Cleaner application. Multilink Automix (Ivoclar) resin cement was then applied in increments of 2 mm and light cured. After 24 hours of water storage at 37°C, the blocks were sectioned to obtain bars of approximately 0,5 mm2. Half of the specimens were tested immediately for µTBS and the other half was thermocycled (between 5-55°C with a dwell time of 30 seconds) for 5000 cycles and tested. Block surfaces were inspected with a scanning electron microscope (SEM). Three-way ANOVA was performed for µTBS values (α=0.05).
Results: In the KATANA Avencia group, the positive control subgroup obtained the highest value (56,01 MPa, SD:6,96) followed by Katana Cleaner and Ivoclean when immediately tested, with significant differences respect to the water rinsing (p<0.041) and acid etching (p<0.048) groups. After thermocycling, higher values were found in the KATANA cleaner (47,57 MPa, SD:8,15), but differences were not significant. In the Tetric CAD group, KATANA cleaner subgroup showed highest bond strengths (64,46 MPa SD: 10,92) at the initial test. After thermocycling, KATANA cleaner (58,66 MPa, SD: 9,93) gave the highest µTBS value. Significant differences between water rinsing group and the rest of subgroups (p<0.001), and between KATANA cleaner and the positive control group (p<0.006) were observed.
Conclusions: KATANA cleaner was able to restore the initial bond strength after contamination and maintained µTBS values better than the positive control subgroups after thermocycling.

2023 Continental European and Scandinavian Divisions Meetings (Rhodes, Greece)
Rhodes, Greece
Dental Materials 4: Adhesion
  • Soler-tornero, Carlos  ( University of Eastern Finland , Kuopio , Finland )
  • Mutluay, Mustafa  ( University of Eastern Finland , Kuopio , Finland ;  University of Turku , Turku , Finland )
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