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Decrease of the Geriatric Masticatory Coefficient in the Elderly Suffering From Malnutrition

Objectives: The aim of this study was to measure in Malnourished elderly people identified by the Mini Nutritional Assessment (MNA) ( MNA scoring is: 12-14 : normal nutritional status, 8-11 at risk of malnutrition, 0-7: malnourished) a Geriatric Masticatory Coefficient(GMC): a number of points was attributed for each natural tooth with or without antagonist as follows: 2 points for the upper central incisors, 1 point for the other incisors, 4 points for the canines, 3 points for the premolars, 2 points for the upper third molars, 3 points for the lower third molars and 5 points for the other molars. The total was 100 when all teeth were present.
Methods: 60 elderly people (75-95 years) with or without removable prosthesis were examined in a day geriatric hospital (CHU Bordeaux France), the patients were divided into two groups of 30 people, the first (control group) has a normal MNA (mean: 12.8+ 0.94SD), the second (experimental group) has a low MNA (mean: 4.86+1.9SD). GMC was measured in both groups. Patients at risk of malnutrition were not included in this work.
Results: in experimental group the GMC was significantly lower ( mean: 49,03+32,51SD) than in control group( mean: 64,76+21,99SD) p<0,02847 Friedman ANOVA.
Conclusions: In our study, elderly people suffering from malnutrition have a significantly lower GMC than elderly patients with normal nutritional status.

2023 Continental European and Scandinavian Divisions Meetings (Rhodes, Greece)
Rhodes, Greece
Geriatric Oral Research
  • Berard, Alain  ( CHU Bordeaux , Bordeaux , France )
  • Gillet, Dominique  ( CHU Bordeaux , Bordeaux , France )
  • Bourdel-marchasson, Isabelle  ( CHU Bordeaux , Bordeaux , France )
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