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Narrow Implants Display Negligible Marginal Bone Loss in T2DM Patients

Objectives: Type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) constitutes a group of metabolic disorders, which is characterized by immoderate serum glucose levels, leading to increased risk of biologic complications in dental implant therapy following exacerbated inflammation. Narrow diameter implants (NDI) were developed for placement in diminished ridge dimensions, making it possible to circumvent extensive lateral augmentation procedures. In order to avoid unpredictable wound healing complications in T2DM patients, NDI may represent a feasible alternative for patients with decreased alveolar bone width. This pilot study aimed at comparing the marginal bone loss at NDI in T2DM and normo-glycemic patients over a 4-year period.
Methods: One to two narrow-diameter tissue level implants were placed in the posterior maxilla or mandible of 16 T2DM patients with HbA1C>6.5% and 16 normo-glycemic patients (HbA1C< 6.0), respectively. After a three-month integration period implants were loaded. Digital periapical radiographs were taken and analyzed at baseline (T0), after 12 (T1) and 48 months (T2). Marginal bone level (MBL) was assessed in silico by means of a perpendicular line connecting the most coronal point of the bone crest in contact with the implant to a fixed reference. The delta values were calculated as MBL=MBLT1 / T2 – MBLT0
Results: Separate from three patient dropouts for unrelated reasons, the overall implant survival rate after 48 months resulted in 100%. The radiographically determined marginal bone loss between groups revealed no significant differences.
Conclusions: The study reveals radiographically stable crestal bone condition at NDIs used in the posterior areas from all participating patients. Accounting for the relatively long observation period, no biological or technical complications occurred regardless of the underlying metabolic condition. Thus, specifically the T2DM patient may benefit from the treatment with narrow diameter implants making complex surgical augmentative interventions redundant.

2021 Continental European and Scandinavian Divisions Meeting (Brussels, Belgium, Hybrid)
Brussels, Belgium, Hybrid
Implantology Research
  • Bilhan, Hakan  ( Witten/Herdecke University , Witten , Germany )
  • Friedmann, Anton  ( Witten/Herdecke University , Witten , Germany )
  • Yildiz, Mehmet Selim  ( Altinbas University , Istanbul , Turkey )
  • Bespalova, Angelina  ( Witten/Herdecke University , Witten , Germany )
  • Diehl, Daniel  ( Witten/Herdecke University , Witten , Germany )
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