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Evaluation of an Antibacterial Internal Implant Coating by Voc's Analysis

Objectives: The precision of the implant-abutment prosthetic junction is a critical point for the biofilm prevention and bacteria proliferation due to early peri-implant diseases. The aim of the present study was to investigate the efficacy of a novel antibacterial coating of implant internal chamber by real time volatile organic compounds (VOCs) biosensor.
Methods: A total of 20 subjects and 40 internal connection dental implants were evaluated in the present study. A total of 20 implant was provided by antibacterial internal coating (Test) and 20 screws presented a regular connection without the treatment (Control). The VOCs measurements were measured at the baseline (T0) after the cover unit removal, after 7 days (T1) and at 14 days (T2).
Results: No significant difference were reported at T0 (baseline), while the Test and Control groups showed a VOCs max peak mean respectively of 2.15±0.71 ppm and 2.21±0.69 ppm (p>0.05). At T1 and T2 as significant difference between the Test and Control Groups was detected (p<0.01). At T2 the Test max peak was 2.29±0.73 ppm and the Control was 3.65 ±0.91 ppm (p<0.01).
Conclusions: The antibacterial internal coating revealed a useful capacity to significantly reduce the VOCs activity at the level of the implant internal chamber and could be useful to prevent early peri-implant disease.

2021 Continental European and Scandinavian Divisions Meeting (Brussels, Belgium, Hybrid)
Brussels, Belgium, Hybrid
Implantology Research
  • Postiglione, Francesca  ( UNIVERSITY OF CHIETI , CHIETI , Italy )
  • Lorusso, Felice  ( UNIVERSITY OF CHIETI , CHIETI , Italy )
  • Buggea, Calogero  ( UNIVERSITY OF CHIETI , CHIETI , Italy )
  • Mavriqi, Luan  ( UNIVERSITY OF ALBANIA , TIRANA , Albania )
  • Scarano, Antonio  ( UNIVERSITY OF CHIETI , CHIETI , Italy )
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