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Oral Care in a Icelandic Nursing home

Objectives: Results from a Clinical Oral examination of Nursing home (NH) residents, showed 78,9% needed basic treatment. The aim of the study was to establish an overview of education of NH employees, oral hygiene practises and potential barriers to oral care (OC).
Methods: A study was carried out among employees (N=52) with a questionnaire, distributed by NH administrators to participants working as health care workers or nurses in one NH in Reykjavík
Results: Background reveals nearly all subjects being female (n=50; 96,2%), mean age = 37,4 years; (SD= 15,9). A majority, 62%, had high school education and 38% had finished health-care education in colleges or universities. Most had worked less than six years (59,6%; n=31) but 25% had 16 years or more of work experience in NH. A total of 49 (94%) had received formal practical training in oral hygiene, 32,7% (n=17) had received formal theoretical education in same. A few had watched educational material distributed by the Directorate of Health in Iceland (25%, n=13) available to educators and the public in 2008. Even though 94% of employees had practical training to provide oral care, 16% (n=8) reported lack of experience as a barrier. The majority of employees (89,6%) performed daily oral hygiene of residents, using manual tooth-brushing, sponge or cotton to wipe the mouth and clean teeth. A total of 45 reported barriers to OC as being: resistance of residents (53,3%; n=24), lack of experience performing OC (17,7%; n=8), unwillingness of residents to allow help in oral hygiene practises (13,3%; n=6), absence of resources to provide the OC (8,9%; n=4) and two (4,4%) reported other obstacles.
Conclusions: OC education could benefit employees. The resistance of residents is of concern. Review of current OC protocols should be carried out, since oral hygiene is a cost-effective means to reduce morbidity related to OH.
Continental European and Scandinavian Divisions Meeting
2017 Continental European and Scandinavian Divisions Meeting (Vienna, Austria)
Vienna, Austria
Behavioral, Epidemiologic, and Health Services Research
  • Sigurdardottir, Adalheidur  ( University of Iceland , Reykjavik , 101 , Iceland )
  • Arnadottir, Inga  ( University of Iceland , Reykjavik , 101 , Iceland )
  • Holbrook, W. Peter  ( University of Iceland , Reykjavik , 101 , Iceland )
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    Behavioral, Epidemiologic and Health Services Research
    Thursday, 09/21/2017 , 11:30AM - 12:30PM