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Investigation of polylactic acid membrane application possibilities in augmentation procedures

Objectives: Aim is to investigate properties of polylactic acid material as a potential resorptive membrane material in GBR techniques.
Methods: Purasorb PDLG 5010 (50/50 DL-lactide/glycolide copolymer; Purac Biomaterials, The Netherlands) was used. Granules of PLDG 5010 were heated (210°C) in aluminum mold to simulate 3D printing conditions and than gradually cooled during 30 minutes. The plate was cut into 2x5x20mm samples and inserted in three different solutions (saline, Ringer's solution and artificial saliva). The solutions were changed every seven days and samples masses measured. The samples were kept at constant temperature of 37°C.
Results: After seven days, on first measurement, slight mass increase was noticed (average 0,002g). After fourteen days there also came to mass increase (average 0,003g). After 21 days samples lost their shape (they took the shape of test tube) and mechanical properties so further measurements were no longer possible.
Conclusions: PDLG 5010 looses its shape and mechanical properties (strength) after 21 days. Therefore it is not adequate for time needed for bone augmentation. Further investigations with different sizes and shapes are necessary.
Continental European and Scandinavian Divisions Meeting
2015 Continental European and Scandinavian Divisions Meeting (Antalya, Turkey)
Antalya, Turkey
Dental Materials 7: Polymer-based Materials-Physical Properties and Performance
  • Kovacic, Ines  ( School of Dental Medicine, UNIZG , Zagreb , Croatia )
  • Catic, Amir  ( School of Dental Medicine, UNIZG , Zagreb , Croatia )
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    Oral Session
    Dental Materials: Prosthodontics Research
    Thursday, 10/15/2015 , 10:30AM - 12:30PM