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18-Months Clinical Comparison of Two Resin Composites on Diastema Closure

Objectives: To evaluate and compare the clinical performances of two nano-hybrid resin composite systems used for anterior diastema closure at 18-months.
Methods: Twenty-three patients with anterior midline or multi-diastema problem were enrolled in this study. Nano-hybrid resin composite systems to be used on each patient were randomly selected. Thirty seven teeth of 10 patients were restored with Filtek-Z550 (3M/ESPE) in combination with Adper™ Single Bond 2 (3M/ESPE) etch&rinse adhesive; whereas 39 teeth of 13 patients were restored with Charisma-Diamond (Heraeus Kulzer) in combination with Gluma2 Bond (Heraeus Kulzer) etch&rinse adhesive by two operators. Esthetic, Functional and Biological properties of the restorations were evaluated at baseline, 6-12 and 18-months using FDI Criteria establishing a score-range of 1-5 (1-Clinically excellent/very good, 2-Clinically good, 3-Clinically sufficient/satisfactory, 4-Clinically unsatisfactory and 5-Clinically poor) by two independent examiners. The data were evaluated using the Fisher’s Chi-Square (p=0.05).
Results: At 18-months, 58 restorations (19 patients) were evaluated. Two Charisma-Diamond restorations were repaired due to partial fracture (Score5). Eight Filtek-Z550 restorations and 8 Charisma-Diamond restorations exhibited minor surface/marginal staining (Score2). The surface luster of 3 Filtek-Z550 restorations and 6 Charisma-Diamond restorations were scored as 2. Five Filtek-Z550 restorations and 5 Charisma-Diamond restorations exhibited minor irregularities in marginal adaptation (Score2). However, there were no significant differences between two restorative materials for the criteria assessed (p>0.05). Patients having Filtek-Z550 restorations were satisfied (Score2) with their restorations, whereas all patients having Charisma-Diamond restorations declared that they were entirely satisfied with esthetics and function (Score1) (p<0.05). All the restorations in both groups were clinically excellent (Score 1) for the rest of the functional and biological properties assessed.
Conclusions: Both nano-hybrid resin composite systems revealed esthetically, functionally and biologically good clinical performance when used for diastema closure at 18-months.

Continental European and Scandinavian Divisions Meeting
2015 Continental European and Scandinavian Divisions Meeting (Antalya, Turkey)
Antalya, Turkey
Dental Materials 4: Clinical Trials
  • Ergin, Esra  ( Hacettepe University , Ankara , Turkey )
  • Kutuk, Zeynep  ( Hacettepe University , Ankara , Turkey )
  • Oztas, Sema Seval  ( Hacettepe University , Ankara , Turkey )
  • Yalcin Cakir, Filiz  ( Hacettepe University , Ankara , Turkey )
  • Gurgan, Sevil  ( Hacettepe University , Ankara , Turkey )
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    Dental Materials: Clinical Trials - Restorations
    Thursday, 10/15/2015 , 08:30AM - 10:00AM