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Use of Stabilization Splints by Croatian Dental Practitioners

Objectives: Objectives: There are few treatment options for treating symptoms of temporomandibular disorders and also for bruxism. Occlusal stabilization splints are most frequently used. The purpose of present study was to determine Croatian dental practitioners’ knowledge and attitudes about stabilization splint therapy.
Methods: Methods: An online questionnaire was sent (using e-mail) to a Croatian dentists’ database. Questionnaire had 22 questions that aimed to specify Croatian dentists’ knowledge, attitudes and practice with occlusal and stabilization splints therapy.
Results: Results: A total of 296 dentists filled out the questionnaire. The two most common indications for occlusal splint therapy were bruxism (79.5%) and pain or disfunction of the temporomandibular joint (41%). Most of participants (49.4%) are using both soft and hard (acrylic) splints, 29.6% are using only
acrylic splints, 15.8% are using only soft splints, while 5.3% is not certain about used occlusal
splint material. Over 65% of participants responded that they do not know what is stabilization
splint or that are not sufficiently informed about it. Still, 89.3% of participants recommend
stabilization splints to their patients.
Conclusions: Conclusion: Most frequent indication for occlusal splint therapy among Croatian dentist was bruxism. As most participants considered that they are insufficiently informed about stabilization splits there is a need for motivation and additional education about occlusal splint indications and therapy.

2021 British Division Meeting (Birmingham, United Kingdom)
Birmingham, United Kingdom

Prosthodontics Research
  • Cimic, Samir  ( School of Dental Medicine Zagreb , Zagreb , Croatia )
  • Kokić Vuletić, Lucija  ( Private practice , Zagreb , Croatia )
  • Krmpotić, Tena  ( Private practice , Zagreb , Croatia )
  • Kraljević Šimunković, Sonja  ( School of Dental Medicine Zagreb , Zagreb , Croatia )
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