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Exploring the relationships between knowledge- and skills-based assessment performance in Dental Therapy and Hygiene students as a function of prior qualifications

Objectives: To explore the relationships between knowledge and skills based assessments within a 3-year Dental Therapy and Hygiene (DTH) programme, and assess differences in performance as a function of prior qualifications.
Methods: Relationships between assessments were explored with correlational analyses, whilst the impact of demographic factors and prior qualifications on performance was evaluated using linear regression. The assessments compared were MCQ-based dental science assessments (Integrated Dental Science; IDS), MCQ-based dental therapy knowledge progress tests (ADTK), and students’ clinical assessments. Prior qualification categories were based on data collected at application, and cover qualifications such as A-levels, BTEC, Access, and prior degrees.
Results: Performance on all assessments within each type (ADTK, IDS, and Clinical) were standardised within each Stage of study (first, second, and third year students) and averaged across assessments of the same type. Initial exploration of the data reveals strong positive correlations between ADTK and IDS knowledge-based assessments. ADTK also shows a positive correlation with clinical performance, particularly in Stage 2, but also to a lesser degree in Stage 3. Prior-qualifications show some impact on performance in IDS, ADTK, and clinical assessments, with access courses to Health and HE being associated with better performance than BTEC or general science qualifications.
Conclusions: Knowledge-based assessments appear to have good convergent and discriminant validity in relation to Stage 2 and 3 DTH clinical assessments. Health and HE focussed prior qualifications are associated with better performance in both knowledge tests and clinical assessments than BTEC or general science-focussed qualifications.
British Division Meeting
2017 British Division Meeting (Plymouth, United Kingdom)
Plymouth, United Kingdom
Education Research
  • Zahra, Daniel  ( Plymouth University Peninsula Schools of Medicine and Dentistry , Plymouth , United Kingdom )
  • Belfield, Louise  ( Plymouth University , Plymouth , United Kingdom )
  • Mcilwaine, Clare  ( Plymouth University , Plymouth , United Kingdom )
  • Ali, Kamran  ( Plymouth University Peninsula Scholls of Medicine and Dentistry , Plymouth , United Kingdom )
  • Bennett, Jon  ( Plymouth University Peninsula Scholls of Medicine and Dentistry , Plymouth , United Kingdom )
  • Zaric, Svetislav  ( Peninsula Dental School , Plymouth , United Kingdom )
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