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TRPV2 mediates mechanical stress-induced IL-8 release in odontoblasts

Objectives: The objectives of the current study were to determine whether exposure of odontoblast-like cells to mechanical stress was capable of eliciting an inflammatory response. We have previously demonstrated the presence of the mechanosensitive ion channel transient receptor potential vanilloid 2 (TRPV2) on odontoblast-like cells and the focus of this work was to investigate a novel role for TRPV2 in mechanical stress-induced inflammatory cytokine release in odontoblasts.
Methods: Human dental pulp cells were cultured in the presence of 2 mM β-glycerophosphate to induce an odontoblast phenotype. Odontoblast-like cells were seeded in 24-well plates and exposed to centrifugation force (475g/cm) for 20 min. To evaluate the effect of mechanical force on cytokine release we undertook a custom-designed human cytokine magnetic luminex screening assay according to the manufacturer’s instructions (R&D Systems).
Results: Exposure of odontoblasts to pressure force resulted in modest but significant increase in release of the pro-inflammatory cytokine IL-8, but there was no significant change in TNF-alpha, IL-1 beta, IFN-gamma or IL-1 receptor antagonist levels. We were not able to detect measurable levels of IL-10 in this assay. To evaluate the effect of pharmacological activation of TRPV2 on IL-8 release, cells were treated with a specific agonist for TRPV2 (cannabidiol), which dose dependently increased IL-8 release in odontoblast-like cell supernatant. This effect was inhibited by the specific TRPV2 antagonist, tranilast. Further confirmation of a specific role for TRPV2 in mechanical stress induced IL-8 release was obtained in SiRNA treated cells in which IL-8 release was reduced following exposure to force.
Conclusions: These results provide the first evidence for a functional role of TRPV2 in human odontoblast-like cells in mediating mechanical injury induced pulpal inflammation, providing further support for the role of odontoblast TRP channels in pulpal physiology.
British Division Meeting
2017 British Division Meeting (Plymouth, United Kingdom)
Plymouth, United Kingdom
Pulp Biology & Regeneration Research
  • Lundy, Fionnuala  ( Queen's University Belfast , Belfast , United Kingdom )
  • About, Imad  ( Faculté d'Odontologie , Marseille , France )
  • Curtis, Timothy  ( Queen's University Belfast , Belfast , United Kingdom )
  • Linden, Gerard  ( Queen's University of Belfast , Belfast , Ireland )
  • Irwin, Chris  ( Queens University, Belfast , Belfast , United Kingdom )
  • El Karim, Ikhlas  ( Queen's University Belfast , Belfast , United Kingdom )
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    Stem Cell Biology and Neuroscience
    Thursday, 09/07/2017 , 09:30AM - 10:30AM