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Analysis of total and total soluble fluoride in dentifrices for children

Objective: The objective of this study was to evaluate the concentration of fluoride in its different forms present in children's dentifrices marketed in Argentina. Methods: Five dentifrices with silica and sodium fluoride (NaF) formulations were evaluated: Dentifrice 1 (D1) - Odolito); D2 - Oral-B Kids; D3 - Colgate Kids; D4- Oral-B Stages; D5- Colgate Smiles. The content reported by the manufacturer was 1100 ppm (μg / g) fluoride. Two different lots (n = 2) of each were selected, bought in different stores, manufactured in the years of 2018 and 2019. The fluoride was analyzed according to the method of Cury et al. [Braz. Dent. J 2010; 21: 369-400]. The toothpastes of each tube were analyzed in duplicate using a specific ion electrode calibrated with fluoride standards and the results were expressed in ppm (µg F / g). The concentrations of total F- (FT) and total soluble F- (FST) were determined. Results: All the dentifrices showed a concentration of F- lower than 1100 ppm. The total fluoride analysis showed the following average concentrations: D1- 785.82 μg / g; D2- 839.16 μg / g; D3-766.73 μg / g; D4-834.01 μg / g; D5-1000.02 μg / g. The values ??for FST were: D1- 720.28 μg / g; D2-768.72 μg / g; D3-460.43 μg / g; D4-619.30 μg / g; D5- 720.65 μg / g. Conclusion: The concentrations of total fluoride were below the reported values ??and in all dentifrices the total available fluoride was below the recommended 1000 μg / g.
Argentine Division Meeting
2019 Argentine Division Meeting (Santa Fe, Argentina)
Santa Fe

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  • Valadas, Lidia Audrey Rocha  ( Universidad de Buenos Aires )
  • Leitão Lotif, Mara Assef  ( Universidade Federal do Ceará )
  • Girão Júnior, Francisco Josimar  ( Universidade Federal do Ceará )
  • Rodrigues Neto, Edilson Martins  ( Universidade Federal do Ceará )
  • Argentieri, Angela Beatriz  ( Universidad de Buenos Aires )
  • Squassi, Aldo  ( Universidad de Buenos Aires )

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