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A Novel Topical Anaesthetic from Piper Methysticum (Kava) - Kavacaine

Objectives: To develop a method for preparing a topical anaesthetic gel from an extract of the plant Piper Methysticum (Kava) which is commonly consumed in the Pacific. Methods: To finely cut fresh Kava root (Waka) of approximately 3 years of age, 96% ethanol was added in a 1:10 ratio for maximum kavalactone extraction. The mixture was kept for 24 hours for complete dissolution of the active organic components ie kavalactones. The mixture was subsequently passed through a Whatman’s filter. Fresh ethanol was added to the residue again in a 1:10 ratio for secondary extraction. The process repeated and the first and second extracts were combined together and the ethanol evaporated leaving a crude extract. A gel was prepared by adding the pasty crude extract to a water based gel. Results: The final crude extract had a concentration of approximately 6% of the original root used. Empirical observations indicate that the gel created from Kava root had a potent topical anesthetic effect. Conclusions: A method for developing a novel, natural topical anaesthetic agent was successful. Clinical trials of this original agent are warranted. Other potential clinical applications from this plant may be promising.
Australian/New Zealand Division Meeting
2004 Australian/New Zealand Division Meeting (Nadi, Fiji)
Nadi, Fiji
Scientific Groups
  • Morse, Zac  ( Fiji School of Medicne, Suva, N/A, Fiji )
  • Sharma, Vinal Avikash  ( Fiji School of Medicne, Suva, N/A, Fiji )
  • Oral Session
    Oral Presentations II (Tuesday)