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The Relationship between Oral Fordyc's Granules and Atherosclerosis

Objectives: Sebaceous glands on the vermilion border of the lip and the oral mucosa are known as Fordyce's granules or Fordyce's spots. Neutral lipid composition of Fordyce's granules is similar to those, which have effect on atherosclerosis (one of the most important factor of heart disease). The findings demonstrate that increases of oral Fordyce's granules are related to Triglycerides and Cholesterol. Methods: We designed a study for the incidence of oral Fordyce's granules, blood lipid level and their relationships in 276 patients in Dental Faculty of Tehran University and blood lipid clinic of Dr. Shariati during 2 years. Results: We found that there is a relation between the incidence of Fordyce's granules and age, sex, blood pressure and FBS. The number of Fordyce's granules significantly increased with the increasing of Triglyceride, Cholesterol and LDL levels. While these numbers decreased with increasing of HDL. LDL/HDL ratio was more important factor that LDL or HDL separately. Conclusions: Increasing number of Fordyce's granules according to the atherosclerosis is not a single factor itself in the etiology of this multifactorial condition and therefore not the only reason for Fordyce's granules formation.

Africa/Middle East Region Meeting
2005 Africa/Middle East Region Meeting (Jabriya, Kuwait)
Jabriya, Kuwait

Scientific Groups
  • Kheirandish, Yasaman  ( Tehran University, Tehran, N/A, Iran )
  • Sahebjamie, Mahnaz  ( -, Tehran, N/A, Iran )
  • Delrobaie, Ahmad  ( -, Tehran, N/A, )
  • Educational Research