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A pre-Post-Test Evaluation of a Telehealth Course for Health Professions Students

Objectives: A seven-module telehealth course was designed to provide entry-to-practice health professions students with a set of foundational knowledge and skills needed to succeed as virtual healthcare practitioners. This study provides a preliminary evaluation of the effect of the telehealth course on the level of adoption and future use of telehealth amongst the future Australian healthcare workforce.
Methods: This assessment was undertaken among students from four health sciences departments at the University of Melbourne, Australia. Between August and September 2021 students were invited to participate in the study by completing the telehealth course and an online. anonymous, 64-item questionnaire. The questionnaire asked socio-demographic characteristics, course data, and Internet utilization information (8 items); 22 items asked about students’ confidence in using the Internet and ICT; and 34 items about acceptance of telehealth [adapted from the Unified Theory of Acceptance of Technology (UTAUT) questionnaire]. Students completed the online UTAUT questionnaire twice, before and after taking the course.
Results: A total of 26 students participated in this evaluation, but only 18 completed both the pre- and post-test assessments. The majority (77.8%) of them were female and aged 29 years or younger (77.8%). Six participants were dental students (i.e., dental, and oral health therapy) (33.4%); another 33.3% was from the Physiotherapy course; and 33.4% from Social Work or Audiology courses. At post-test, students significantly improved their overall acceptance and use attitudes compared to baseline (p=0.011). Particularly, dental students improved post-test scores (16.5 vs. 23.67; p<0.05). Additionally, at post-test students improved on five of the ten domain level of the UTAUT instrument (p<0.05).
Conclusions: This preliminary evaluation indicated that the telehealth course was successful in improving students’ acceptance of health technology. The study also identified areas in which further development might be required. As such, the course represents a helpful approach for telehealth training among health professions students. Further evaluation with larger samples is required.

2023 IADR/LAR General Session with WCPD

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  • Mariño, Rodrigo  ( University of Melbourne , Melbourne , Victoria , Australia ;  Monash Health , Melbourne , Victoria , Australia )
  • Merolli, Mark  ( University of Melbourne , Melbourne , Victoria , Australia )
  • Capurro, Daniel  ( University of Melbourne , Melbourne , Victoria , Australia )
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    e-Oral Health Research in the Global Health Context
    Friday, 06/23/2023 , 11:00AM - 12:30PM