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Postoperative Sensitivity Evaluation of a new two-Step Bonding System.

Objectives: The objective of this study was to evaluate the clinical effectiveness of a new two-step bonding system (G2-BOND Universal, GC) to restore non- carious Class V and II lesions (carious).
Methods: 100 patients [HBV1] in need to restore at least one class II and one Class V non carious lesion were selected. [KP2] 100 Class II and 80 Class V non carious lesions were placed in 120 patients. The patients were randomly divided in four groups of thirty samples each by materials. Group 1: G2-BOND Universal (GC) and G-aenial Universal Injectable (GC), Group 2: G2-BOND Universal and CLEARFIL MAJESTY ES FLOW LOW ()(Kuraray), Group 3: Clearfil SE Bond 2 (Kuraray) and CLEARFIL MAJESTY ES FLOW LOWand Group 4: Clearfil SE Bond 2 and G-aenial Universal Injectable, and in two subgroups by type of cavity SubGroup A: Class V (n=20 each group) and SubGroup B: Class II (n=25 each). The cavities were filled using rubber dam and then finished and polished following manufacturer’s instructions. The patients were recalled at 1 and 3 months and post-operative sensitivity was scored accordingly with a premade scale score (from 1-10). Statistical analysis was made with X2 test (p>0.05).
Results: The recall rate was 100% after 3 months. The retention rate for all restorations was 100% after 3 months. Group 1 and 2 (for both SubGroup A and B) did not show any postoperative sensitivity. Group 3 and 4 showed 1 patient in each SubGroup with postoperative sensitivity from light to mild intensity. No statistically significant differences were found between the four Groups.
Conclusions: Within the limitation of this study, there was no clinical difference among the four adhesive-resin composite combinations. The new G2-BOND Universal two-step bonding system prevented postoperative sensitivity in both Class V and II. Longer clinical data are needed to confirm these results.

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Dental Materials 4: Adhesion
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