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Social Media Utilization and Impact on Oral Health in Kuwait

Objectives: To assess the utilization of social media and its impact on oral health attitude and behavior in the State of Kuwait
Methods: A cross sectional study was conducted. A comprehensive web-based questionnaire was created for this study. The questionnaire consisted of 39 questions categorized into 5 groups: social media usage, credibility, impact, validation, and content. A customized hyperlink was created and shared in different social media platforms. Also, patients attended a Specialized Dental Center participated in this study. Two iPads were provided to patients after their assent on study participation. Total number of participants was 506. Data collected on Microsoft Excel transferred into SPSS for analyses.
Results: Among participants, females (66%) were more than males (34%). Most common age used the social media were 16-25 years old (33%) and 26- 35 years old (34%) and the least were at age of 56 years old and above (4%). Almost half of participants preferred to use Instagram (46%). Quarter of participants did not follow any oral health related accounts (24%). Most of participants preferred spontaneous, professional; and motion graphic videos talked about oral health related information (72%). Less than quarter of participants mentioned that Instagram encouraged them to visit dentist regularly (21%) and 34% of participants improved their oral health habits. Oral health related pictures and videos eliminated the fear and concerns about visiting the dentist in 51%, 40% of participants respectively.
Conclusions: Instagram was the most used social media platform. Videos and pictures were most preferred tool to attract audience and to overcome the fear and concern barrier regarding visiting a dentist.
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  • Alali, Ahmad  ( Ministry of Health-Kuwait , Hateen , Kuwait )
  • Nazar, Huda Shaker  ( Ministry of Health-Kuwait , Hateen , Kuwait )
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