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Effects of mHealth Applications on Pediatric Dentists' Caries Management Protocols

Objectives: In this pilot study, a computer-based application (app) to assist patients in performing oral therapies at home was developed. The app was introduced to pediatric dentists (PD) to assess how the presence of a mobile health (mHealth) tool could influence the providers’ standard use of fluoride varnish (FV); a common therapy recommended for in-office application.
Methods: Practicing PD’s in Washington (n=116) were recruited and presented with three scenarios of various age patients (<6 years, 6-12 years, and >12 years +braces). Participants were randomly divided into two groups: one that viewed an app demonstration before the survey, while the control group was surveyed without exposure to the app. The app displays a 3D, customized view of the child mouth’s highlighting areas of concern with detailed instructions from the PD to the parent for home therapies. Given each scenario, the subjects responded whether they would recommend FV for application at home by the child’s parent. Counts and percentages were calculated for all variables in each group (app vs. no app). Chi-square tests were used to determine associations between the intervention group and the willingness to prescribe home FV for each scenario.
Results: Preliminary data suggests a higher proportion of PD’s in the app group would likely recommend FV for use at home. PD’s in both groups also show a higher willingness to recommend this non-standard therapy of FV for the >12 years +braces scenario. Final results are under statistical analysis.
Conclusions: Initial results suggest PDs’ caries management protocols may be influenced by technology, such as a mHealth app, to extend beyond their normal routines to incorporate normally in-office treatments for in-home care. Such findings could be promising for expanding interactive therapies within teledentistry via mHealth apps. Final conclusions in process.
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2019 IADR/AADR/CADR General Session (Vancouver, BC, Canada)
Vancouver, BC, Canada
Behavioral, Epidemiologic and Health Services Research
  • Gardner, Gregory  ( University of Washington , Seattle , Washington , United States )
  • Lee, Hae-in  ( University of Washington , Seattle , Washington , United States )
  • Sharma, Manuja  ( University of Washington , Seattle , Washington , United States )
  • Scott, Joanna  ( University of Missouri - Kansas City , Kansas City , Missouri , United States )
  • Xu, Zheng  ( University of Washington , Seattle , Washington , United States )
  • Seibel, Eric  ( University of Washington , Seattle , Washington , United States )
  • NSF No. 1631146
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