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Novel CPC-Clay Toothpaste and Extrinsic Tooth Stain

Objectives: To evaluate the effect of toothpaste containing cetylpyridinium chloride- clay (CPC-clay) on extrinsic tooth stain.
Methods: An in vitro method was used to assess staining potential of 1.5% CPC-clay toothpaste versus control toothpaste without CPC-clay. The study was conducted as follows: teeth incubated in saliva à treated with test product slurries à incubated in saliva à exposed to a freshly made tea solution à rinsed and incubated in saliva. A total of six cycles were performed. L*a*b* colour values were taken, by chromameter, before and after treatment and changes in the individual components (△values) calculated. The total colour change (△E) was calculated as the square root of the sum of the squares of the △ values.

In-vivo assessment was accomplished through a randomised, single blind, parallel design study (n=128) comparing 1.5% CPC-clay toothpaste to two marketed fluoride toothpastes. Extrinsic tooth stain was assessed at baseline and after 3 and 6 weeks of twice daily product use, using Macpherson modification of Lobene stain index.
Results: ANCOVA analysis on log transformed values with Turkey adjustment showed no statistically significant differences between CPC-Clay toothpaste and marketed products at 3 or 6 week timepoint (p>0.95).

*Different letters differ significantly at p<0.05.
Conclusions: There was no evidence from these in vitro and in vivo studies that CPC-clay toothpaste gave higher levels of extrinsic tooth stain than standard fluoride toothpaste, suggesting that the clay in the formulation helps overcome the potential staining effects of CPC.
IADR/PER General Session
2018 IADR/PER General Session (London, England)
London, England
Dental Materials 7: Color and Appearance (Esthetics)
  • Chandrasekaran, Sembian  ( Unilever , Mumbai , India )
  • Kiran Unnikrishnan, Sajitha  ( Unilever , Mumbai , India )
  • Gode, Vaishali  ( Unilever , Mumbai , India )
  • Srinivasan, Shashank  ( Unilever , Bangalore , India )
  • Laucello, Massimo  ( Unilever , Casale , Italy )
  • Trivedi, Neha  ( Unilever , Mumbai , India )
  • Gupta, Ashok  ( Unilever , Bangalore , India )
  • Nicholson, Julie  ( Unilever , Bebington , United Kingdom )
  • All authors are employees of Unilever
    Poster Session
    Color and Appearance (Esthetics) III
    Friday, 07/27/2018 , 03:45PM - 05:00PM
    In vitro results
    Product△E (SE)
    CPC-Clay Toothpaste1.13(0.074)A*
    Toothpaste Without CPC-Clay0.998(0.065)A

    Table 2: In vivo results
    ProductsTime pointMeanSE
    Marketed Fluoride toothpaste 1Baseline
    Week 6
    Marketed Fluoride toothpaste 2Baseline
    Week 6
    CPC-Clay ToothpasteBaseline
    Week 6