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Investigation of Minor and Major Saliva Flow Rates and Dry Mouth in Hungarian Smoking Patients

Objectives: Objective was to assess the prevalence of xerostomia and the related oral and extraoral dryness symptoms in the smoking compared to the non-smoking population in Hungary. A further aim of the authors was to find any correlation between the level of unstimulated whole saliva flow rate and the smoking habits of the questioned persons.
Methods: 818 patients between the age of 18-92 years, 356 male, 462 female, were selected in accordance with the current regional age and residence distribution scheme of the Hungarian Statistical Office. A questionnaire was designed to determine the subjective presence or absence of the sicca symptoms. Unstimulated whole saliva flow rate (UWS) by the spitting method, while palatal (PS) and labial (LS) minor salivary gland flow rates by the Periotron method were measured.
Results: 34% of the examined persons were smokers. 40.6% of the non-smoking women and 39.5% of the non-smoking men, while 50.6% of the smoking women and 43.7% of the smoking men felt xerostomia. Non of the subjective sicca symptoms neither the major nor the minor saliva flow rates were influenced significantly by smoking in any genders (UWS non-smoking women:0.37± 0,27ml/min, smoking women:0.44±0.30ml/min; UWS non-smoking men:0.49±0.33ml/min, smoking men:0.58±0.13ml/min; PS: non-smoking women:1.9± 1.5 µl/cm2/min, smoking women:1.5±1.30µl/cm2/min; PS non-smoking men:1.4±1.3µl/cm2/min, smoking men:2.1±1.13µl/cm2/min; LS: non-smoking women: 2.8± 1.7µl/cm2/min, smoking women:2.0±2.3µl/cm2/min; LS non-smoking men:2.9±2.3µl/cm2/min, smoking men:3.8±4.13µl/cm2/min.
Conclusions: Authors could not show any influence of smoking onto the subjective sensation of dry mouth or any other sicca symptoms, neither on the unstimulated whole saliva flow rate nor onto the palatal nor onto the labial saliva flow rate.
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2015 IADR/AADR/CADR General Session (Boston, Massachusetts)
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  • Gótai, Laura  ( Semmelweis University , Budapest , Hungary )
  • Petöcz, Soma  ( Semmelweis University , Budapest , Hungary )
  • Demeter, Tamás  ( Semmelweis University , Budapest , Hungary )
  • Márton, Krisztina  ( Semmelweis University , Budapest , Hungary )
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